Nov.5th - 8th, 2021 New Chitose Airport Terminal, Hokkaido JAPAN

New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival November 20th - 23rd,2020



This year, New Chitose Airport International Animation Film Festival holds “New Chitose Airport Pitch 2021” as a new attempt to help Japanese animation filmmakers to spread their wings to the world.
A “Pitch” is a presentation made by a director or producer to pitch an idea of their new project to find a producer or investor. Although it is a common practice worldwide, it is still not very familiar in Japan (especially for filmmakers working on an individual basis).
The festival holds the “New Chitose Airport Pitch 2021” as an official program during the festival period for directors and producers who have been selected for the festival’s competition and showcase sections in the previous editions to create an opportunity for them to take the first step toward a new project. The festival welcomes commentators such as producers associated with the festival and helps the artists to build international networks and connections.
This program is open to the public and will be broadcasted online in the form of a public presentation. We look forward to receiving applications from those who hope to use this opportunity to spread their wings to the world.


Speaker : Yoko Yuki

This is a series of animation projects co-developed by the award-winning filmmaker Yoko Yuki and the 3DCG animation company MARZA ANIMATION PLANET.


Production, Distribution

Time capsule

Speaker : Maki Satake

Thirty years ago, a time capsule was buried in my hometown of Toyokoro as part of the town's 110th anniversary project. In the capsule, there was an essay that I wrote for my future self when I was 10 years old. I would like to make a short film using the photo-animation method, printing still images from the VHS of the town 30 years ago that was buried with the capsule, and shooting them again from the same place.


Maki SATAKE Official Website

A Slice of life and “Hokusai manga (Hokusai Sketchbooks)”

Speaker : Kenichi Kawamura

In this project, I will produce five one-minute line drawing animations (without dialogue) that overlap the daily lives of people living in the modern world with the daily lives of people in Edo, as depicted by the Edo-era artist Katsushika Hokusai in his “Hokusai manga (Hokusai Sketchbooks)”. The production period is about one year. The completed work with the logo will be shown on YouTube, and the work without the logo will be sold in limited quantities as digital art (NFT Art) using blockchain technology, which has attracted much attention in recent years. I will also focus on how animation is evaluated in the art market as a work of art.


Kenichi Kawamura

The story of my first love and the rainbow ferry that was sold

Speaker : Honami Yano

The first time I took the ferry out of the island by myself was to go to a cram school. I found someone I liked while I was off the island. But when I think back, I think I may have had someone on the island I liked long before that. The people of the island intersected and lived together on the ferry. This is a story about giving form to the fantasy of first love, and the feeling of losing that first love and the ferry.


Speaker : Masanao Kawajiri

Ryo Honda, a commercial erotic manga artist, and Ami Enomoto, a doujin artist who draws BL illustrations. They are both inexperienced romantics around 30s and meet on a matching app: ...... Ryo uses a monochrome manga touch and Ami uses a color illustration touch. The character designs are based on the designs of each character in this romantic comedy film, which is told through unusual animated images. (For all ages)


International Sales & Acquisitions
Shiori Takata

Slaying Holofernes

Speaker : Kurumi Hakamada

A short animation featuring Artemisia Gentileschi, a painter who actually existed in 17th century Italy. The film depicts Artemisia's battle against rape, which she suffered as a teenager, while examining the situation of women at the time. The view of women 400 years ago may seem incomprehensible to us, but if you look at her figure and her paintings, you will see that the underlying issues are no different from those that bind and torment women today. With the growing interest in gender issues, I wanted to create an opportunity for more people to come into contact with Artemisia's life and works.


Speaker : Hoji Tsuchiya

This animated film depicts the ghost story "Hoichi the Earless" from an intermediate perspective between non-narrative and narrative, based on the ambiguity of subject and object, which is one of the Japanese senses. It is a journey of the inner universe through music and animation that makes viewers think about the effects of ghosts, illusions, and other unreal things on reality, browsing old tales within old tales.


Hoji Tsuchiya

Woman with diamonds

Speaker : Kaori Murata

With a woman as the protagonist, this work depicts the relationship between her, her "home" and the events she encounters in her daily life. Her "home" is the main setting of the story.
The film tells her process of living in harmony with Her inner conflicts, beauty, and negativity.


Kaori Murata


Speaker : Ryotaro Miyajima

The human race who has manipulated own genes for centuries. For return to the original gene, they wake up the fertilized eggs from thousands years sleep in ancient structures.


Ryotaro Miyajima

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